Odds of Selling

DOM 62


In 2012, 26 properties came on the market (green), 14 were withdrawn (red) and 8 were sold (purple)

In 2013, 32 properties came on the market (green), 13 were withdrawn (red) and 23 were sold (purple)… Solds are Up 188%!

In the past 12 months, 30 properties came on the market (green), 7 were withdrawn (red) and 24 were sold (purple)…  Withdrawn properties have been cut in half to 7 from 13 & 14/year.

In the past 6 months, 10 properties came on the market (green), 2 were withdrawn (red) and 11 were sold (purple)… That is better than a one for one ratio for properties being listed and sold (we will see this pattern on “The Pond” page, as well.

Essentially, we see withdraws decreasing, supply staying roughly consistent and demand increasing over the past three years.


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